Russ working on an original piece....

I hand cast my papers from cotton and oriental silk and/or fabrics. This is done with a papermaking mold, consisting of nothing more than a large screen stretched inside a frame. Wood pulp and glue blend into a soupy “paper-mache” like mixture that lays flat on the screen and drips excess water below. The result is a thick sheet of paper with a rough deckled fiber edge.

To this I then add small dyed paper pulp formations made from torn scrap pieces I paint one at a time. This forms my image, and continuously by adding more and more pulp it enhances the depth and texture. The entire picture is then air- dried.  After it dries, I can paint final details like flower stems and tree branches. My finished mixed media artwork consists of oils, inks and watercolors, depending on the effects I am trying to achieve.

Russ E..JPG

I feel the entire process creates a contemporary and at the same an impressionistic quality to my work. The textures of the paper up close are wonderful to admire but as one backs further away the overall depth of the casting makes the image stand out. Every piece is one of a kind!

Thank you for appreciating the work I put into my art!