Russ Erickson


Russ Erickson graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in fine arts with an emphasis on graphic design and painting from the University of Illinois. He also studied fine arts with an emphasis in printmaking at the University of Austria in Salzburg.  Russ combines papermaking, dyed pulp, and watercolor paints, oils, and inks to create unforgettable works of color and texture. He is celebrating his 43rd year of exhibiting his work."


At my exhibits, I offer artwork unframed, or framed ready to hang. I can also take orders at the show for custom pieces. When I take a commission order, I talk through basic details and then arrange for a pick-up date at another exhibit later in the area, or a pick-up from my studio in Lisle, IL. Online, however, There are size and weight limits on orders I can ship, so I can only ship small pieces.